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Is Your Child Using Alcohol or Drugs?

According to the Office of Health Care Programs, Johns Hopkins University Hospital, and developers of this screening quiz, if you answer yes to three of these questions, it is a definite sign that your child or teen may be using alcohol or drugs. You may want to seek an evaluation by a healthcare professional.

• Has anyone ever told you your child is drinking or using drugs?
• Do you know for sure that your child has 'experimented' with either drugs or alcohol?
• Have you noticed that one minute your child can be happy and giddy followed by withdrawal, depression, or fits of anger or rage?
• Has your child suddenly developed the need for additional money for vague or unexplained reasons?
• Have you ever seen your child stagger or noticed any slurred speech?
• Has your child suddenly turned away from his old friends?
• Have you noticed changes in the pupils of your child's eyes or redness or bloodshot eyes?
• Is your child suddenly using breath mints consistently?
• Has your child lost interest in tidiness in his room, or does your child pay less attention to personal hygiene?
• Has your child developed a negative attitude against anti-drug or anti-alcohol programs, materials or literature?
• Has your child been in trouble with the law for any reason?
• Has your child developed a bad attitude toward any authority figures in his life?
• Have you found that your child has generally become dishonest about things?
• Have you noticed any alcoholic beverages missing or noticed anything missing from the medicine cabinet?
• Have you found unexplained empty alcohol or solvent containers around the house or grounds?
• Has your child suddenly started smoking cigarettes openly?
• Has your child had medical conditions that might be attributed to substance abuse, such as digestive problems?
• Has your child's attitude toward school suddenly changed?
• Is your child hanging out with an older group or with those that you suspect are using drugs?
• Have you seen your child's grades go from pretty good to very bad?