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‘The Interventionist’ in Annapolis, MD

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The Interventionist

Joani Gammill, an average suburban mom on the outside, was secretly addicted to multiple forms of opiates and amphetamines for years, and almost died as a result. Through the life-changing intervention staged by Dr. Phil on his show, Gammill not only committed to getting help for her addiction, but she also went on to become a professional interventionist, helping thousands of others in distress.

In The Interventionist, she intertwines her experiences with depictions of her often harrowing and always inspiring interventions of the addicts and families she has worked with over the years. In each chapter she recounts details of a client's unique battle with addiction and the devastation that led to a loved one's request for her help.

Gammill's intriguing story—and the equally captivating stories of the brave people who come to her for help—demonstrates how it is possible to emerge from the seemingly hopeless world of out-of-control drug use and not only regain one's sanity, but actually discover that life clean and sober can be more meaningful than it ever was before.
- Hazelden Press, Published 2011

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Painkillers, Heroin, and the Road to Sanity: Real Solutions for Long-Term Recovery from Opiate Addiction

Recovery from prescription painkiller or heroin addiction can feel impossible, especially considering that those who have gone through typical 28-day treatment programs often experience relapses and, sometimes, fatal overdoses. But there is hope.

In Painkillers, Heroin, and the Road to Sanity, recovering addict and prominent interventionist Joani Gammill offers a radically effective approach for those struggling with opioid addiction, sharing sometimes-controversial tips that have worked for some people that are in long-term recovery. Gammill examines the scientific explanations for the low numbers of people sustaining recovery from opioid addiction. She taps the pioneering work of treatment professionals (whose new approaches are changing the way we think about opioid addiction) to offer practical steps for creating a realistic and effective recovery plan.

Gammill affirms that recovery from opiate addiction is a process, not an event. This honest and trustworthy guide reveals that, although getting well from this disease may not happen in one detox or treatment experience, a healthy, drug-free life is possible.
-Hazelden Press, Published 2014

Painkillers, Heroin, and the Road to Sanity

Joani's Next Book

Joani also has a third book being written now, that should be released by the first part of 2022, that is an extension of "The Interventionist," and it picks up shortly after that book leaves off. It deals more with mental health issues, alcoholism, addiction, and the relationship between these.

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